Mathey Dearman based in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a 80 year old company with over 45 employees. Mathey specializes in the manufacturing and sales of Saddle Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machines, various pipe alignment and reforming clamps as well as other Pipe fabrication tools and equipment.

Mathey manufactures multiple flame and plasma Pipe Cutters and Bevellers and are recognized as the leader in this product category. These machines are used across multiple fabrication projects, most commonly found in the energy construction markets.

With the invention of the Dearman clamp taking lead, additional Pipe Alignment and Reforming Clamps are now offered exhibiting the most complete line in the industry.

A new line of Pipe Rigging Products will be offered under the Mathey Brand in 2020. Pipe Slings and Cradles, Pipe Launchers and Rigging Rollers add focus on a complimentary pipeline product category to Mathey Saddle Machines and Cage Clamps.

B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools LLC based in Houston, Texas is a 30 year old company with over 40 employees. B&B manufacturers and sells Pipe Stands and Rollers, Various Carts, Rigging equipment and various Pipe Clamps and accessories.

Over the past several years, B&B has led the market in the Pipe Jack and Stand product category offering more models and innovative variations than any other manufacturer. With thousands of products sold every year, B&B is one of the recognized leaders in this category.

B&B’s line of Material Handling Carts and Buggies compliments the jacks and stands product category from a distribution and supply chain perspective. This line also allows further expansion into new product markets.

TAG Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd is based in the United Kingdom with approximately 35 employees with a sales presence in 4 continents. Tag Pipe manufactures a range of Pipe Cold Cutting and Bevelling machines, End prep Machines as well as other various pipe and plate fabrication equipment

TAG manufacture a large range of I/D Locking Portable End Prep Machines ranging from 1⁄2″ to 24″. TAG bevelling machines can produce all types of weld preparations required on any kind of metals from standard Carbon steel to tough material such as Super duplex and Inconel.

TAG also manufacture a diverse range of Small, Medium and Large diameter Pipe Cutting and Bevelling Machines covering from 1″ to 96″ pipe, with designs available for both workshop and jobsite applications.